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Are you too one of those Gym Owners, who believe that investing in a professional website is not required especially when you are successfully promoting yourself on Facebook.?

If yes, the let us tell you how you are losing your potential customers.

According to Google, more than 70% potential customers who search for different kind of services in locality, actually visit them within few days of their search. Then again, mere website is not enough. Having a fully responsive website which appears on top of all search engines is always fruitful. Website is the initial step which secures your digital presence. Proper Digital Marketing, thereafter can take your Gym to next level of success. MegHawks being the best Digital Marketing company in Delhi and the top Gym Website Designer can happily guide you to success.


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Gym Website Designing

For you, we're going to create a fitness website design that gives your guests the same first impression online they'd get if they stepped into your gym.



Full site audit is the first step of SEO for Gym wherein, we will do an exhaustive study of the current status of your website giving us a full insight into its viability.


Gym Social Media Marketing

Prior to your social media marketing plan, we create a customized target focussed marketing strategy to reach your potential customers.


Gym Website Designing

For you, we're going to create a fitness website design that gives your guests the same first impression online they'd get if they stepped into your gym. A simple but engaging design custom made by us will give your gym the professional look you want it to have online.Your website will be having user-friendly features such as modified menu structure and simple call-to-action buttons. By signing up for a free trial or requesting a personal training session, the design will not only make it easier for visitors to navigate through pages, but also easier to follow through. Since, the website will be a completely responsive one, it doesnt matter which device the user might be browsing through, theywill be having the same great user experience. The architecture of your fitness web site will compatible with all devices of all sizes. Today's world is universally digital, so should be your web design for fitness too.Websites are often measured on so many parameters, but the main determining factor in whether or not a website is perfect for visitors is the page speed and loading time. We will update your coding and develop or create a new coding system that will give your user a flawless experience and boost them up in becoming a member. Further, the interest and goals of people keep changing and so does the trends of fitness industry. Our designing services are open for conversations during the whole process. Once your website is live, you can also entrust us with the maintenance and security of your website.

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My Gym is doing good. Why do I need website?
  • Your own website provides an opportunity to build credibility and generate leads for more mombers. Additionally, your members can have self-service features, such as the ability to pay for their membership, update their contact information with a quick combination of your platform and customer management software.You will also be able to integrate your training schedule into your homepage, allowing members to see the latest up-to-date class details and enrol online. Websites provide all the data that a prospective member wants. Everything is stored and accessible in one easy-to-find location from your name, phone number, prices, trainers profiles, and timings.
But Facebook and other Social Media Networking Sites have been extremely helpful to me. Why do I need to invest in a website separately?
  • While it is easy to think that a Facebook page can act as your online presence, it is not enough for social media. There are parts of your target audience that don't use social media, and you don't own the material that you share on your social pages. If a social network updates its rules at any moment, closes down or blocks your account and loses traction and becomes obsolete, you will be trapped without redress. But all content is yours with a website, and you have full control over what you post and how you use it.
Why is SEO required in my case? How would it help me?
  • Search Engine Optimization aka SEO can place your gym and in front of local people checking for the schedule plans and memberships you have in your store, making it easier for avid fitness conscious people to find you online.
How can MegHawks help me in expanding my circle and my business?
  • MegHawks arent just another usual digital Maketing Agency. We believe that the same rule doesnt apply to all. Working individually with our client and customizing our strategies according to their goals, has been the legacy of MegHawks. Our Marketing strategy will be based on the extensive research of your target clients including the local atmosphere. We create and recreate a complete portfolio of our marketing strategy which accords with our clients priorities and that is what leads to success.

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