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With the zeal of working for excellence, MegHawks is your very own Digital Agency, committed to providing solutions for all your Digital Marketing necessities. We believe that perfection is not a myth and we leave no stone unturned to achieve it. With our 24 X 7 assistance and availability, excellence is not only our motive but our passion.

So, here we are, a team of efficient enthusiasts who are passionate to convert your dream into success. We are the best digital marketing company in delhi NCR. Whether you are a start - up looking for effective establishment or a brand trying to push boundaries, we are at your service. Looking forward to work with you.

We’ve delivered over 50,000 leads for clients through the digital marketing campaigns

What We Do

Website Designing and Development

  • Static Website

  • Dynamic Website

  • CMS Based Website

  • Responsive Website

  • E-Commerce Website

  • RE-Design

A proper website is the key element of the digital ecosystem in today's business world. In this digital age, when everything has come to our fingertips, having an expressive website for your business becomes indispensable, given the fact that people all over the world spend more than 6 hours a day on the Internet. A proper website not only creates and maintains the credibility of your business but also works as an effective tool for your product sales. We, at MegHawks being the best website development company in delhi NCR do background study and research of your business model and target market to create the most optimum website which could generate returns in accordance with your expectations.

Search Engine Optimization

  • On Page SEO

  • Off Page SEO

  • Local SEO

  • International SEO

  • E-commerce SEO

  • Video SEO

You have a business and you have its digital presence through your website. And now, you want your potential customers to come looking for you. This is when SEO comes into the scene. Basically, Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO is a long - term and continuous marketing strategy which helps in getting leads for your business with effective cost management. It also impacts your online presence. Best seo company in Delhi ncr can help you in achieving the goal The best thing about SEO is the magic starts with your presence on the first page of the search engine which encourages the potential customers to visit local outlet after the search. SEO can actually multiply your business revenues. Let us take care of that.

Pay Per Click

  • Search Advertising

  • Display Advertising

  • Video Ads

  • Re-Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Shopping Advertising

PPC aka Pay Per Click is a cost effective tool to increase traffic to your website. When your ad grabs the space on the first page of a search engine, it inadvertently grabs attention. Since, PPC is focused on target audience, there are increased chances of sale. PPC provides you full control of the ads you wish to run. What makes PPC outstanding among all other marketing strategies, is its real time data. You need not wait for the completion of your campaign, because PPC provides you real time statistics on demand and you can plan and replan your strategies accordingly. PPC can grow your sale at an incredible rate. You can immediately assign best ppc company in delhi to boost your business.

FAQ's of Digital Marketing

  • Do I Really Need SEO?
    • Of course yes Search engines are considered as a discovery tool, which means that most of the website visitors are leaning about your website for the first time. As there is an increase in user visits the traffic can grow to a formidable number and finally give a positive impact to your business.
  • If I am getting SEO done already, would I still need SMO?
    • Social media optimization is a primary component of SEO. Search engine optimization lets you promote your page through search engines and SMO enhances your brand image through web high-traffic social media platforms.
  • What is the Difference between Static and Dynamic Website?
    • The static website is a simple website focused on HTML, CSS and Javascript. On the other hand, you will need programming skills to update the content of the website and images. Dynamic website allows us to save information for future use in the archive and admin panel can be generated to handle the content of the website without knowledge of coding.
  • How is content marketing different to SEO?
    • This is a common question and to do so understand it successfully, it is important to understand the difference. Content marketing is a holistic approach which reaches consumers through different channels (search, media, email, etc.) and connects users as they travel within themselves.

      SEO aims to make the site as open and effective as possible for search engine users. It starts by optimizing the pages and content for success in the most relevant keywords, but also includes wider, technological factors affecting how people engage with your sites (mobile optimization, loading times, etc.).


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For Whom We Do

How We Do

We Offer Digital Solutions

First Step

Project Study and Research

Marketing is never subjective. Every product and every project demands individual research and planning. That is why, we, at MegHawks, do an extensive Project Study beforehand. A deep understanding of the project helps in creating an insight of the strategies we need to work upon. Be it Website Development or SEO or PPC, proper project study and background research pave the way for goal-setting.

Second Step

Goal Setting

It is good to set off early if you have a long way to go. But, the journey becomes just and focused if you are well acquainted with your destination. That is what we do at MegHawks. After exhaustive project study and research, we set the goals. Having a well - defined goal improves the target - vision and helps in efficient and effective strategy profiling for the desired result orientation.

Third Step

Strategy Profiling

After project research and goal - setting, we move towards Strategy Profiling. Strategy Profiling allows us to create an insight of the steps to achieve the target and keep its volatile characteristic in check. With our strategy profiling, we differentiate the priorities of the impact to be put on the operational strategy and optimum strategy. The identification of conflicts and obstacles becomes clear during this process and we ensure that we are ready with first hand techniques to combat all the hurdles towards our journey to success.

Forth Step

Process Building

With a clear strategy in our hand, we move towards process building. Allocation of different expertise towards our strategic goal is a key-step in implementation because it optimises the yield of your investment. We decide everything step by step, be it Website Designing, SEO or PPC, aligning to the work flow and the strategies not only ensures an effective outcome but also maximises the output within set time frame resulting in both cost and time effective mechanism, which is indispensable for any business and MegHawks ensures that.

Fifth Step

Execution of Plans

With a clear vision of what we have to do and how that has to be done, we execute our plan. Ensuring meticulous compliance with our strategies and process building, we can add that the execution happens to be success oriented which we count as result.

Last Step


Success is a milestone, not a destination. That is why, marketing is a never ending process. Even if a project gets a desired result, we cannot just sit and celebrate our success. Business is volatile and trends change everyday. MegHawks not only monitors your project's success journey and its orientation, but also ensures that this success secures a permanent space in your business. We look forward to a long term collaboration to ensure your journey towards success.

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