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Who doesn't wish to look beautiful?
Well, even if a global survey is done for the subject, it is hardly possible that anybody would deny the desire to look beautiful.

Ever since the history of mankind' Beauty industry has been one of the ever flourishing businesses that is not slowing down any time soon. In such scenario, there is no reason for the decline in growth of customers of your Salon/Make-up Studio. Of course' if you didn't opt to go digital with the changing world.

Why do Make-up Artists need Digital Marketing?
One simple reason is all your customers are online. More than 70% people search for Beauty Salons online. If your Salon is not showing in "Salons near me" search' then you are seriously losing more potential customers than you could actually imagine. Your digital presence is as important as the front door of your Salon/Make-up studio.
Digital Marketing opens the door of endless opportunities to bring customers to your Salon. Online reviews are as powerful as word of mouth which helps your brand grow. All you need to do is opt for digital marketing and leave the rest of success story to us.leads.


Here is how we generate leads for your Salon business:

Here's the plan :


Website Designing for Salon

If your salon doesn't have a website, you are missing more than you could imagine. Without your website, you are likely to lose potential customers who are searching for skincare services near them.


SEO for Salon company

To start the SEO of your salon, we will do a website audit first of all. We will ponder upon the pros and cons of your website and make necessary changes for On-page SEO.


PPC for Salon company

One simple answer to the above question is we understand the beauty industry. We do the crucial step.

Here is how we bring more customers to your Make-up Artists/Salons!

Website Designing for Salon

If your salon doesn't have a website, you are missing more than you could imagine. Without your website, you are likely to lose potential customers who are searching for skincare services near them. If your website is not available on search, your business might face hurdles you couldn't possibly fathom. Again, just having any website is not enough. You need a user-friendly responsive and attractive website to represent your digital presence to your potential customers. Your website needs to have easy navigation, sitemap, and contact forms. Your website is basically your word to your customers which should be intriguing as well.

A website gives you the same amount of chance to exhibit your image precisely, regardless of the size of your business.

Why choose MegHawks for your Salon Website?

We understand that your customers are people who wish to look beautiful. It is imperative that only a beautiful website can assure them to visit your salon. Having vast experience in working with the beauty industry, we know exactly what your customers wish to see when they visit your website. We will make your salon a website which will not only showcase your before/after expertise but also offer them the catalog of your services in a very attractive way. We are full-fledged digital marketing agency, and that is why we can make you a custom SEO-friendly website with all the necessary elements you need for your business.

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My Salon/services are already listed on several professional services apps. Do I really need digital marketing?
  • Listing on professional services apps can give you the headstart you need for your business, but in reality, you need a proper marketing plan of your own. When you collaborate with these professional services apps, you not only pay a heavy commission on your income, but also get charged additionally for preferred bookings. Again, you also pay for a returning customer, who books you the second time only because of the quality of your services and not because of the app. So, your income is getting marginalized unnecessarily. Again, you are left with no option but to comply with them, when the app services increase their commission.
    Yes, you need digital marketing to increase your income and save you from unnecessary commission crisis plus a full-fledged marketing plan is the primary necessity of any business.
How will SEO help me?
  • Let’s say Ms. Ishika had had a busy week and she wants to book an appointment for bleaching and waxing. When she searches for “salons near me”, a beauty salon some 2km away her residences displays on first page and she books the appointment there. But, your salon, which is right outside her apartment building, doesn’t display in her search, and woo… you miss a potential customer. This is what SEO does to your business. It brings you into the digital eyesight of your customers. If you are not available on the search, you are as good as invisible.
    And, that is why,
    SEO is must for you.
How will Social Media Management help my Salon business?
  • Gone are the days when people bought the idea of “Become fair in 7 days.” With digital revolution, Brand trust and credibility have become the synonym for success for any business, let alone the beauty industry. Now, people don’t wish to buy the idea of being fair, but look to become more beautiful with natural features. It takes the magic of social media management to get the trending Hashtags work for your business. Tips, events, discounts, offers and even movements occur on social media.
    Social Media Management is the vitality of your business which is not your choice but the necessity of the hour.

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