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Managing any company or business is not an easy task, and if the business is a restaurant, it is particularly challenging. Competition in the food - service industry is fierce-you have to ensure that you have the tools and knowledge to help your company stand out from the crowd.

75% of smartphone users access on - the-go restaurant information, making it necessary for your company to have an online presence. The most influence on where to eat is the place, price, and number of good reviews. So, the best place to market your restaurant is online by one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies of India. Our SEO experts will help your website rank in the first page. Our exclusive digital marketing plan for your restaurant, will encourage new consumers to engage, and the existing customers want to come back for more.

According to Google, more than 70% potential customers who search for different kind of services in locality, actually visit them within few days of their search. Let us join hands together, so that not a single foodie of your city, ever misses the delicacies you serve.


Let's bring foodies to your restaurant :

Here's the plan :


Restaurant Website Designing

Talking about a restaurant website, the walk-in customers as well as the online orders need need to be kept in mind while designing one.


Restaurant SEO

first step we take to get to know you and your restaurant better. We also take this time to learn more about your target customer and the targets for restaurants you're looking to achieve with SEO.


Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Doesn,t matter at what phase your restaurant business is in, whether it is pre-opening promotion or regular branding or maintaining legacy,

Let's bring foodies to your restaurant :

Restaurant Website

Every website is designed differently. Talking about a restaurant website, the walk-in customers as well as the online orders need need to be kept in mind while designing one. We will be creating a fully coded, functional and responsive website for your restaurant. Keeping the viability of your website in lead generation and conversion, our experts will create the website in accordance with your digital marketing necessities. Since, our expertise includes lead generation too, working with us will be advantageous itself.

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Why is website necessary for me when my restaurant is already listed on top of many food delivery apps?
  • Of course, it is a good idea to collaborate with the Food Delivery Apps. They certainly provide you better visibility but you may not be able to foresee the adversaries in in line of your growth. Being solely depended on Food Delivery Apps will persuade you to give in to their time to time increasing cost-rate/commission percent. Having no other marketing portfolio of your own, you are left with nothing but comply with them. You might be happy that you are topping in their list, but the charges you pay for being in the first few of their search list, is way more than a decent marketing package you could have of your own. Plus, when a customer orders from your restaurant from the second time, it is not because of the app, but for the reason that they actually liked your food. So, you see, that even if you earn one loyal customer thanks to the food you serve, you end up paying commission to the app everytime he orders from your restaurant. This recurring marketing expense can be utilized in reaching new customers instead of paying the app one customer again and again. Secondly, the food delivery apps never provide you with the email lists/contact numbers of your customers who have become your regular ones. Having your own website can give you the opportunity to manage your regular customers more efficiently and when they register from you or order directly from you. You can always let them know about your special offers or the weekly offers.
How will SEO help my restaurant?
  • Restaurant SEO's ultimate goal is to rate the restaurant above all rivalry on the results of the search engine. For example - Ifa customer is looking for the "best biryani in town," your restaurant will actually rank first with the proper restaurant SEO enforced on the search engine results.
Why I do need proper Social Media Marketing when I am already managing my Facebook and Instagram pages efficiently?
  • Professionalism is the need of the hour. Suppose, you can cook everything efficiently but only your chef can be tagged as an expert, because he is a professional cook. We know exactly how to create engaging posts and optimize weekly updates in your favour. As it has been said already, let the experts do the call.
How can MegHawks help grow my restaurant?
  • We, at MegHawks aim to provide you start-to-end solutions for growing your business and expanding your customer base. In the frying pan of your website, we will mix and fry the perfect ingredients of Social Media Marketing and PPC on a low flame of SEO, garnishing it with reviews and features to cook the perfect dish of success.

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